Wednesday, August 31, 2022

All five are done in 3d!

Finally chose the name for these guys. The Genethieves. And I've modelled scything talons for them and the one with acid maw.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Genesplicers (or genethieves?)

 Hello Friends!

Right now I'm working on new sculpt of Genesplicer, the space predator that lurk in the dark corners of the abandoned space hulks, attack it's victims from the shadow and tear them apart or infects them with parasite.

Here are some work-in-progress photos:

Friday, May 13, 2022


Stunning and unusual nids conversions with parts of my models by awesome Den of Imagination.

Meet Nurglenids!

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Short reviews of Xeno Warriors. Prime and Pyrophages

 Hello Friends!

I'm trying myself in short videos with reviews of my models.

Watch them on Youtube:

Monday, April 11, 2022

New payment method with

Hello Friends!

My good friends from Artel "W" miniatures advised me to try

It's Patreon-like platform with subscriptions, but there are one-shot personalized goals/donations, which may be used for paying for the orders.

The entire procedure of ordering and paying with Boosty looks like this:

1) You write here via PM or email me on which models you want me to cast in resin.

2) I cast these kits for you. Usually the wait is about a week. And once they're ready, I create a personalized goal on my Boosty page with your name and your order identifier.

3) You log in to your account on and pay for this goal.

4) I email you to confirm the payment once I receive it. And you give me your shipping details.

5) I pack and send your parcel and provide you with tracking number for it.

However. there are some "features" of this method you should know and bear in mind:

- Boosty is not a marketplace! It`s not designed for payments, so refunds would be a problem (as long as Russia is cut off from international payment systems). So, please, think twice before you pay! If you're worried about the possible loss of the parcel, I assure you that I'll be resending you your ordered models until you receive them!

- Russian Post is working like in those days of pandemic. The shipping may be slow, but the parcels are being delivered. 

- Amounts of personalized goals are in Russian Rubles. It may be quite confusing. Exchange rate I'm using could be different from that of your bank. So you could be charged more than you expected - the amount could be larger than what we discussed. Unfortunately, I can't create goals in USD, that`s the current reality.

Well, so if you don't want to bother with the cryptocurrencies, you can try Boosty. It's quite simple to register and pay, it's safe and legal.

My Boosty page:


And dear customers from the EU, please be aware that I DO NOT collect VAT and customs taxes. All the state fees have to be paid by the customer (but we can discuss the ways to minimize these fees).

Saturday, March 26, 2022

I'm taking Crypto!

Hello Friends!

I'm accepting cryptocurrencies. Well, for now at least.

If you want my stuff, let's try!

(I'm using Binance and Coinbase. Thanks to the folks who helped to start)