About me


My name is Serge.
I was born in St.Petersburg in 1983 and live here.
I sculpt minis in 28mm scale. In 2011 I have started to cast my minis in resin. For the first time I sold resin casts only in my country, but now I can send my stuff worldwide. It`s only my first steps in that, so I sell minis via my e-mail and blog. I plan to start selling stuff via Ebay, when I`ll be ready for that.
In addition to sculpting and casting I like to paint 28mm scale miniatures. Also, I play wargames, like Warhammer 40000 and Classic Battletech tabletop game. I like active sports, f.e. I ride mountain bike.
I work as a designer of advertisement and printing products and it is my main source of money income. Casting and selling minis is my second work and a hobby. But it does not mean that I think it`s unimportant for me. I try to sculpt best minis and make hi-quality resin copies for you.

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  1. I have your Crimson Terror model, it's such a fantastic piece of work!
    Is there any chance you have a project lined up to create Tyranid Shrike Wings for the Warrior or Ravener kits? A very simple set of wings to put on the carapace or even incorporated into the carapace back section would be amazing and I'm sure you would sell a lot as there isn't anything really on the market to do this without spending a fortune to get parts from other other kits.