Purchasing and shipping details

I receive PayPal and send packages with minis via Russian Post.

Purchasing procedure looks like this:

I cast minis only after you make your order.

When minis will be ready for sending, I'll send you a PayPal invoice.
Then you'll pay via PayPal and after that I'll send you your package in 2-3 working days and tell tracking number for it.

I provide all parcels with tracking number.

Shipping worldwide costs:

updated on 26.11.13
- 1 mini in package (or 2 small minis) - 10$
- 2 or 3 minis - 15$
- more than 3 minis - depends on minis size and total quantity. (F.e. shipping of 6 DropSpores via Airmail will cost about 70$)

Write me on hydracast@gmail.com


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