Crimson Terror

Sculpt of alien monstrosity Crimson Terror. It can be used in 28mm scale wargames.

A complete multi-part (9 parts) resin model measuring approximately 85 mm high.

This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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Any match with any other miniatures that are copyrighted is a sheer accident!


Download wallpaper with Crimson Terror here: CLICK ME!

Comparison with Tyranid miniatures from Games Workshop:


  1. Well...I see this miniature and it remember to me the hydralisk warrior of the videogame Star Craft. Mmm..interesting if we see the body (as a snake), it remember to that kind of creature, but the face remembers to me the Red Horror of gamesworshop miniature.

    But I think the miniature is very it? I only see this imperfection, because the miniature is awesome, brutally awesome!

  2. Hello!
    Congratulations!! Your models are fantastic!!!!!!!. I live in Italy, and I would buy one Crimson Terror. can I pay with Paypal???

    I play Warhammer 40K. i m Illustrator, I very good at painting miniatures, I have 20 years behind me in painting miniatures, but they are not good at sculpting. You are really fantastic!!! :))
    bye and see you soon
    wait you reply!

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