Monday, June 5, 2017

Deathlurker is here!

Hello, everyone!

I've finished all the molds for my new miniature. And glad to show you photos of final figurine casted in resin.
I must tell you that molding of this mini was pain. My first set of molds was damaged, so I had to remold this mini one more time. Than I had troubles with air bubbles in some bits. But now all troubles are gone, and quality of this miniature is great.

And I proudly present you this deadly hunter that lurking in shadows and awaits its prey!

Deathlurker is a complete multi-part (8 parts) high-quality resin model.
It costs 52 USD, same as my Crimson Terror miniature.
Photo with GW miniatures is for size comparison only!

Full HD wallpaper of Deathlurker you can download from this link: CLICK
Gif animation 360: CLICK

1 comment:

  1. Amazing miniature! It's nice to see someone making alternative models in this neglected line. I will definitely order one when i get back from holiday.